A neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist with specialist expertise in the following:

  • Assessment and treatment of cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems in neurological conditions (e.g. brain injury, epilepsy, dementia)
  • Assessment of cognitive problems and intellectual deficiency which may occur secondary to other conditions (e.g. alcohol misuse and mental health problems).
  • Psychometric assessment which provides quantifiable assessment of the person’s level of functional and cognitive abilities (e.g. personality, memory, intelligence etc).

In the UK neuropsychologists are also generally trained as clinical psychologists.  This means that they have broader skills in a range of psychological models (e.g. cognitive behavioural, behavioural and systemic) and the application of these models to help reduce distress and improve functioning in a wider range of health, mental health and developmental conditions across the lifespan.

The British Psychological Society guidelines specify that Clinical Neuropsychologists should meet the competency framework examined by the British Psychological Society Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QiCN).  Individuals who meet this criterion are recognised by being on the British Psychological Society Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychology.  Criteria for the QiCN involves completing a post doctoral diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology and examination of a two year portfolio of clinical neuropsychology cases. Dr Hall is on the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychology and has achieved the QiCN.