Websites for brain injury memory aids

General memory aids: – sells a range of alarm watches and other electronic reminders. – supplies various aids, including vibrating cueing devices. – offers pillbox and electronic reminders. sells – pillboxes and watch alarms. – sells message alarm watches, sleep tracking watches with alarm. offers – voice-messaging systems. – supplies medication reminders. – offers reminding devices. – offers tally counters. – software to email voice messages to yourself. – offers everyday living devices for severe memory impairment (e.g. wandering alarms). – sells a range of cognitive aids (Android mobile-phone apps). – provides on overview of useful websites; resources for memory rehabilitation and self-help leaflets. – provides resources for assistive technology.

GPS location tracking and object finding devices: – GPS trackers for objects that you can locate with your mobile device; also devices which give audio and visual cues to help locate devices. – keyring that helps you find your items.  You can ring your keys and ring your phone even silent.  You can also see where you have parked your car or you where you lost your keys on a map.  If your bike is not where you last left it you can ask to be notified when it is found.  When any user of chipolo comes into range of bike you will be notified. – The TrackR app lets you know where your valuables are located on map.  If you are on your way out the door the app will let you know if you have left something behind. – bluetooth tracker.  Can be linked to Amazon Alexa (e.g. “Alexa ask Tile to find my wallet?”; the tile will then ring) – object locator (this is a more simple version of a tracker) – keyring location tracker