Neuromindworks offers adult neuropsychological medico-legal expert witness assessments including for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence (e.g. traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder).

Typical questions answered in a personal injury report include:

  • Has the person suffered a brain injury and if so what is the level of severity?
  • What neuropsychological problems does the person have (e.g. cognitive, behavioural and emotional)?
  • To what extent have these problems caused a level of disability, pain and suffering?
  • What are the potential causes of their problems?
  • Are there any non-injury/ non index event factors which contribute to their problems?
  • What is the person’s potential for recovery/ likely prognosis?
  • To what extent would the person have had any difficulties if the index event had not occurred?
  • To what extent is the person likely to benefit from rehabilitation and what are the recommendations for rehabilitation?
  • Does the person have a psychiatric disorder resulting from the traumatic event (e.g. PTSD)?
  • Does the person have the mental capacity to make judgements regarding important legal decisions and their financial affairs?

Medico-legal neuropsychological assessment

Neuropsychological medico-legal assessments typically include:

  • A detailed clinical interview and review of the Court bundle
  • A range of (neuro)psychometric tests measuring cognitive, emotional and social functioning.
  • “Gold standard” tests that are psychometrically robust are used
  • Comprehensive symptom validity assessments
  • Comprehensive reports which address all issues required by the legal profession


Please give us a call to discuss neuropsychological medico-legal Expert Witness assessments in Birmingham and nationwide.