Neuromindworks offers a range of consultant neuropsychology services to independent organisations.  We specialise in managing cognitive, emotional and neurobehavioural problems in a range of neurological conditions including: dementia, acquired brain injury (e.g. stroke, head injury), Huntington’s Disease and epilepsy.  Services include the following:

  • Assessment and management of cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems following a neurological disorder.
  • Consultative advice for the development of systems to help improve neuropsychological functioning and assess outcomes on a service level (e.g. goal setting systems).
  • Staff training packages (e.g. Management of challenging behaviour; Neuropsychological Management of Acquired Brain Injury).
  • Assessment of capacity and guidance on how to manage clients who lack capacity.

General Consultant Neuropsychology Services can be managed flexibly and provided directly through face to face contact, over the telephone or via Skype or email.  Neuromindworks currently offers services to Voyagecare and Tracscare homes.