by Dr Vicki Hall, Neuromindworks Ltd

Author: Vicki Hall

Maximizing your school/ college work through neuropsychology

How COVID-19 will cause disruption to school/ college work A school/ college provides a structured learning environment, which promotes motivation in the [...]

Brain injury rehabilitation in the context of COVID-19

How the COVID-19 climate can affect clients with brain injuries COVID-19 will result in significant changes to life including reduced activity, changes in [...]

Surviving Self-Distancing

Get your foundations right Eating well – healthy foods including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids. [...]

Websites for brain injury memory aids

General memory aids: - sells a range of alarm watches and other electronic reminders. - supplies [...]


COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES Often clients with brain injury have problems communicating with others due to a range of problems including cognitive difficulties [...]

Strategies for re-orientation in brain injury

NEUROMINDWORKS STRATEGIES FOR ORIENTATION Verbal orientation Clients may sometimes need orientating if they are presenting as confused (e.g. asking to [...]

Useful Websites for Clients with Brain Injury

USEFUL WEBSITES FOR CLIENTS WITH BRAIN INJURY Adapted from the book “Living Beyond Brain Injury” (Hall, 2014)   Websites for brain injury charity [...]

Useful Mobile Phone Apps for Clients with Brain Injury

Useful mobile-phone apps (adapted from the book ‘Living Beyond Brain Injury’; Hall, 2014) Mobile-phone apps are constantly being developed and updated. [...]

Mindfulness interventions for clients with brain injury

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is all about becoming aware of your internal states (e.g. thoughts, emotions and physical sensations) and your environment [...]